Confirmation is a bi-annual, seven month faith journey meant to offer young teens (typically 9th and 10th graders) the opportunity to explore their faith questions, culminating in the choice to be confirmed and join our congregation "as an adult." Confirmands are assigned adult leaders ("mentors") who together with them, meet with the pastor and co-leaders to explore issues, questions and practices of faith.


On May 17, 2015, Confirmation 2014-2015 ended with eight 9th & 10th graders being confirmed and welcomed into membership at the United Parish of Upton.


confirmation retreat 2014 - 2


Confirmation 2016-2017 will begin October of 2016 with an overnight retreat. Participants will commit to monthly confirmation meetings (4th Sundays), and to attending at least half of the Senior Youth Group meetings (at least nine). Meetings are held at the church. These meetings will focus on what the confirmands feel they need to learn and know to affirm their Christian faith. 

Youth Fellowship and confirmation will support each other not compete for precious time. The two programs will feel integrated. 

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