Pastor Search Committee 

Process Outline for Calling a Search Team from UCC Conference

The most successful search teams are those which approach their task as a ministry of service to the faith community. It is important that the members of the team foster a sense of spiritual community with each other. Prayer, scripture, and reflection are important components of this effort. Most search teams will find themselves meeting frequently for the duration of the process, so it is essential that they work well with each other, and can make the time commitment.



All members and participants in this congregation are invited to give prayerful consideration to people they would like to nominate to be members of the search team. A person may also nominate themselves, listing the gifts and skills they think they can bring to the Search process. All nominations will be given prayerful consideration by those who will extend invitations to nominated members.


-Consider who are the spiritual leaders of the church, those who are trusted by the community, and those who are faithful in their participation in the life, ministry, and work of the church.

-Consider what balance of skills, gifts, and experience you need on the team. Here are some important qualities for the Search team to represent:

Good listener, Spiritual Leadership, Works and plays well with others, Detail oriented,
Can lead prayer and prayerful discernment, Clear communicator, Organized, Tech savvy, Positive Attitude,
Sense of Humor, Open-minded, Can make the time commitment.

Not every person has all these gifts, however, a well-rounded Search Team will have many of these gifts represented within the group.