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United Parish Prayer Network

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Offering and inviting prayer can be vulnerable and we’d rather you did. Respect is important, because some people like to share socially and some are much more private. Mistakes can happen, and amends made, but this is the basic idea that we want to operate by:

We don’t “repost” prayers without asking first. We honor privacy by praying with you and directly encouraging those who post and/or invite other forms of contact. If you invite prayer, Pastor Lourey may lift up first names in Sunday worship, unless you request otherwise.

So, if you want us to share a prayer on Facebook and get as many people involved as possible, let us know! If you think the person you are praying for would like cards from us, tell us how we can get in on the act.

Click here for easy detailed instructions to get started.

Please note: for those not comfortable with technology applications, please call or email the church office with your Prayer Requests.