Relocate Ukrainian

Refugees Update

Our Ukrainian family we've been helping relocate has arrived!! Mom Yulia, Dad Alexander and 2yr old son Luca are now living in Chestnut Hill, MA.  Here is a message from Sarah Leacu, Jewish Family Services, Housing specialist, who coordinated this along with our church team. 

Sarah said: After 3 layovers, 4 cities and 20 hours of travel, the family of 3 arrived in Boston 9/20/23  safe and sound. Despite their exhaustion, they could not be more pleased to be state side! 

When they first walked into the apartment, mom began to tear up, she couldn't believe how lovely and homey it was. Little Luca found the toys right away! Seeing him become so comfortable so quickly made both parents thrilled. As I was giving them a quick tour, Mom and Dad continuously expressed their gratitude to all the volunteers. They were quite shocked that a team of strangers placed so much effort into preparing a home for THEM!

I, Sandy, would like to thank everyone who helped with this endeavor since it began in May.  Those who donated items of furniture or household goods; those who purchased groceries and nonperishables and baked cupcakes; those who helped move all these items to the apartment and set up their apartment; those who gave cash donations or supported us with their prayers!!  I appreciate all of it greatly!

To my core team, Kristen Ragosta, Kathy Aiello-Crossley, Amy Griswold, Dick and Cheryl Henderson, Fred and Kathy Shaffert, Wendy Rowland and Elaine Quinn, I couldn't have done this without your generosity of time and donations.

You all have hearts of gold and spirits of joy. God Bless you for this!! 

Fondly, Sandy Leacu